Software Release Accelerator™ (SRA) The only solution for Software Product Companies to increase the number of
releases while improving quality and decreasing support cost.
Measure productivity of Development and QA Team in 30 Seconds or less!

It doesn’t matter how smart your people are. It doesn’t matter what development method you use. Sooner or later, your software releases will become so unwieldy from new features and updates that you’ll find yourself spending 80% of your budget on bug fixes and only 20% on “true” development.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. qaSignature’s Software Release Accelerator™ (SRA) can increase your productivity and rate of release by 600%! SRA is a unique and proven program that has helped over 100 software product companies improve quality, reduce time to market, lower costs and increase their productivity without adding more headcount.


The roots of our technology can be traced to… rocket science. qaSignature’s founders were PhDs inspired by their work in the aerospace program to combine two unique disciplines—optimal multivariable control theory (OMCT) and computer science—to fundamentally change how software is developed.

Twenty years ago, qaSignature was launched in Boston, Mass. and quickly began helping software companies take back control of their business. qaSignature’s SRA program enables software companies to do the impossible: accelerate the entire software development process including testing, features and bug fixes by removing natural inefficiencies and increasing individual performance through a productivity increase of everyone on the team.

“Accelerating development shifts the bottleneck from development to QA. After a detailed review of a number of case studies combining Scrum with qaSignature, I realized they had cracked the problem.” Dr. Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum and CEO of Scrum, Inc.

Development Team Productivity Measured in 27 Seconds!



There is no single, silver bullet that will accelerate your software releases by 600%. If you want to improve the process, you first must empower your people to become more productive. Oftentimes, businesses misread the reasons for their own inefficiencies. Our no-fee assessment will help you create a trusted baseline for comparison of current productivity of your development team against your industry peers to see whether your business could benefit from SRA.

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“The collaboration between our software development team and qaSignature brought immediate, tangible results that quadrupled development team productivity, an accomplishment for which we received a CIO100 Award. Our investment in Software Release Acceleration will translate into $1,000,000 savings in the next 12 months.”

- Senior VP, healthcare software company

“I was very skeptical at first. They said they could do something that no one else said they could do, and they said they could do it in a month. It sounded too good to be true. “

- VP of engineering, contact management Software Company

“After four years of strict collaboration with qaSignature, the results are impressive. The perceived quality on the customer side has significantly increased. Complaints have stayed at the same level while users have increased 100x.”

- CTO Software Product Company

“In the nine-month project cycle, we completed active 19 releases, compared with two releases during the prior nine-month span”

- Founder Software Tool Company


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